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Vision Statement

Catify Café & Adoptions will house a Full Service Coffee/Beverage and Snack Cafe that will help to support our mission that will provide food, shelter, medical services and care to all cats that are in our facility for adoption from other animal shelters. They will stay with us until they are adopted out or the originating shelter takes them back for their own adoption purposes. With the exception of the recovery room from the surgeries, we will do our best to  be a “Cage Free” facility where we have several large family style rooms in which the cats will reside and where potential adopters can go in and interact with several cats at one time to find the “Right Cat” for them.


We will also provide education of how to properly care for cats, such as proper litter box etiquette, proper diets, learning the language of cats, etc. We will do our very best, at all times, to treat both the cats we will have up for adoption and any cats you may bring in for services just like a family member.  They will be respected and loved, just like we love our own!!

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