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Our Vision for Catify Cafe & Adoptions

      It began in Sept of 2018, with a thought to open just a Café where people could hang out with cats, in the hopes of adopting them out eventually. After much research, we filed for and received Non-Profit Status which was approved November 25th, 2019.  We immediately began looking for a location in the Wooster area on the North End to open up a large café. 

      Then, Covid-19 hit and would have affected our operation negatively, so we opted to wait it out.  With time on our hands, and even more research, Catify Café & Adoptions, Inc. has grown into a very large comprehensive facility where we can NOW benefit more than just our wonderful felines.  If you help us to purchase the property & build this State of the Art Facility, we will also be able to benefit ours and surrounding communities in multiple ways with multiple programs that we will offer to the public and come along side of MANY RESCUE Organizations !!

      With a world that has changed SO MUCH since the beginning of 2020, we want to provide a place where people can relax and unwind from the stresses of life, make new friends, enjoy Great Food & Drinks and best of all, the profits from the café support our primary mission, which is Cat Adoptions. Our plans also include programs for Trap/Neuter/Release with other Rescues and to provide up to 5000 per year at No Cost to these Awesome Rescue Organizations. We will also offer Special Low to No Cost services opportunities for Veterans in need and several other special programs we hope to add shortly after opening.


      Catify Café & Adoptions will be a facility where we will strive to build ongoing relationships with all people who walk through our doors.  Our staff and volunteers will be available to serve you for your café needs, your cats healthcare needs, assisting you to help choose the right Cat(s) for you to adopt and even your own personal cats short term boarding needs.  We envision this place to be a facility where our employees & volunteers look forward to coming to work each day, thanks in part to the wonderful friendships we will make with people like you who support our efforts.  We will be a place unlike any other in terms of service, friendliness, compassion and empathy.  I Paul Eash (VP/Operations), would love to save/rescue every cat & dog if that were possible but reality is, Catify Café & Adoptions CAN make a difference in the cats lives that will be entrusted to us by other rescue facilities and we hope to make a difference in peoples lives who come to us as well !!

      One of our future, long term goals will be to add onto our facility a 5500 sq. ft. addition to be able to provide dogs with the same healthcare services we will be providing to our felines.  If we are fortunate enough to secure enough property, we would be adding dog boarding as well.

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