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Our Vet Services

The purpose of our Veterinarian Service Center is not to create competition with others in the area, but rather to reach those cat owners who feel they can't afford normal cost of care for their felines and in most cases let their cats continue to suffer through their health issues causing their situation to get worse in most cases. Cats who would normally be suffering from sickness, dental or other health issues can't fend for themselves and have to RELY on their humans to take good care of them.
THIS IS THE REASON for our State of the Art facility and OTHER Revenue Streams so that we can make a difference in the lives of our community and help their felines to stop any pain or suffering those felines may be encountering due to lack of funds. We will provide Top Notch Quality Care with lots of Love, Empathy and Compassion at affordable prices. 

SOME of the Services We will Offer:

  • Wellness - Sickness - Emergency Care
  • Onsite Digital X-Rays
  • Onsite Comprehensive Lab (Blood Tests, Fecal Exams and Urinalysis)
  • Surgical Suites (most types of Surgical Procedures including Spay & Neutering) 
  • Cold Laser Therapy Treatments (Erchonia Lasers)
  • Chiropractic Animal Adjusting
  • Dental Services (Cleaning, Dental Digital X-Rays, Extractions & other surgical procedures)
  • Orthopedic Exams and Treatments
  • Microchip Services for Identification
  • Ophthalmology Care (For those Beautiful Eyes)
  • Flea - Tick & Parasite Treatments
  • Prescription Service & Natural Health Supplements for Felines by Standard Process
  • Offering both Natural Treatments when applicable and Traditional Veterinarian Medicine
  • Onsite CT Scanner Services 

Once we break ground for our facility, we will begin to seek FIVE licensed veterinarians (to start with), preferably husband/wife teams, best friends team or compassionate, caring individuals who loves animals.  We will also hire at least 2-4 Vet Techs as well to be their support team.  So if you know of someone or you are interested, contact us at via email and we will get back to you within 24-72 hours.
Image by Parker Coffman
Programs we will Offer
ONCE OPEN, Here are SOME of the Programs Catify Café & Adoptions will be offering:

Low Cost Spay & Neuter, Standard & Emergency Care, Maintenance Care & More for Rescues & General Public.

Low Cost Trap-Neuter-Release Program for General Public

5000+ Free, Annually TNR's/Shots assigned to 35 Ohio Rescues for their projects. FUNDED by Profits from our CAFE and other Revenue Streams we will generate from this Facility !!

Low to No Cost Veterans Program done on a case by case basis for their Felines
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