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Cat Walking

Help Us.... Help Them

So Many Rescues..... Not enough Fosters/Adopters

Our intermediate goal is now looking for a smaller location to be able to at least HOUSE, both permeant & for adoptions, 150-200 cats as a shelter...... some, for older cats that are hard to place and need a "home environment"  to live out the rest of their lives CAGE FREE, some cats that are displaced due to "owner death", Special situations/issues from TNR Projects, etc.  With the Awesome Veterinarians we currently use, the care and love that we can give them, we would have the ability to help many, especially being able to have volunteers come in and assist us.

Key People

Get to Know the Faces behind Catify Cafe & Adoptions, Inc.

Kristen Eash

President / Board Member

Paul Eash

VP / Operations / Cat Whisperer


Ann Marie Calhoun

Board Member


Tom Sager

Board Member


Al Morrison

Business & Operations Advisor


Karma Hartzler

Our Phenomenal Graphics Designer 


Jessie Weaver

Our Awesome Multimedia Professional


Thibaut Houette

Our Extraordinaire Architectural Designer

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