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Your Donation will help Seniors and the cats we place with them for a period of TWO YEARS (10 Cats/Seniors) covering ALL Care/Vets/Food, etc.
Now Raising $25K for those expenses while we file for future Grants that will allow us to continue those ten beyond 2 years and place up to 50 more ongoing.

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Kitty Companions for Seniors AKA... KCFS

KCFS: Our First Program Launch

This new program was to originally launch shortly after we opened our facility.  Unfortunately, our building project was placed on HOLD until we could get a new plan of action.  Up until January 2021, we were at $2.6 Million for our fully operational, state of the art facility (café, veterinarian services, garden arboretum roof-top & more).  This facility & business plan would allow us to be a "Self-Sustaining" non-profit geared towards cats, serving several rescues and our communities. NOW, because of the economy and inflation our building costs are north of $5.0 Million  So while we are working on a new strategy to build this facility, we are on a smaller scale now starting Kitty Companions For Seniors !! 


KCFS Helps: Non-Profit Cat Rescues

This new program is designed to HELP Cats, People and Communities. This helps the All Volunteer RESCUES that we have partnered with by taking their cats that they have rescued, that in most cases had medical, abuse or critical issues and could not be returned to their place of capture after they were spayed/neutered as well as being fully vetted. During their healing time (1-3 months or longer) the rescues care for, love and pay for all expenses in most cases. The Rescues will transfer the cats we pick to Catify Café & Adoptions where we take over the care and any further rehabilitation these cats need until they are ready for their new

"Forever" Seniors Foster Home.

KCFS Helps: The Cats We Transfer In

For a period of 30-90 days we will work with each cat to EARN their trust, learn their habits/personalities, their likes/dislikes and hopefully show them over time the love they have in most cases been missing.  In a world where there is NO shortage of Cruelty and Abuse, we try to show them that not all people are that way.  Each cat has their own personality, so we will do our best to learn that and match up the right family for each cat.  This allows us to be excellent support to those people who adopt through us by knowing each cat personally and having worked with each one individually over time. While under our care they will be Well LOVED, Played with, cared for and we will do post follow-ups on them after they are adopted.


KCFS Helps: Seniors - Single/Married


This program is to HELP our Senior Population who are "Able-Bodied" to be able to care for a cat(s) by feeding, scooping litter boxes, necessary cleaning, play with and LOVE cats, however, due to limited income they are not able to afford the expenses of caring for a cat. Once the home site and income has been verified, Catify Café & Adoptions will match up the senior(s) to the cat of their choice from the cats we have on hand. We will do an initial set-up with a Cat Tree, Cat Bed, Litter & Box, Moist & Dry Food, Cat Toys, etc.  Then monthly, we will do a home visit which includes bringing new litter & food along with any other needs the cat may have.  This will also include any necessary cat veterinarian care the cat may require.  This will all be done at the expense of Catify Café & Adoptions through our Donors (Businesses & Individuals) who will be supporting this program.

KCFS Costs of Program: $1265 1st Year

To be a responsible pet owner, this is no longer an inexpensive option.  As of June 15th, 2022, just a 3 ounce can of decent cat food (Purina Pro-Plan) has gone from $0.99 - $1.15 to NOW $1.49 to $1.65.  Here is the 1st years breakdown:

1st month: $275, includes: Cat Tree, Bed, Toys, Moist Can Food, Dry Food, Treats, Water/Food Bowls, Litter, Litter Box & Scooper.


2nd - 12th month: $90 a month.  $65 for monthly Litter, Food & Treats. $15 Monthly for Escrow Account for Veterinary Care when needed. $10 Monthly for gas for the Volunteer to deliver and check on the cat and senior.

Want to Help Sponsor a Senior ??

Other Ways to Help KCFS.......


In order for us to be successful with this program, we NEED YOUR HELP.  Catify Café & Adoptions is an all volunteer, 501c3 organization like most rescues.  Your support for this program will reach out to multiple rescues, cats and seniors.  Our first six cats pictured on this page are our "pilot" starting program cats. You can help Catify Café & Adoptions by:

Credit Card Donations: 

Mail Donations: Catify Café & Adoptions

                            P. O. Box 21

                            Orrville,  OH  44667-0021

Chewy Wish List: 

Amazon Wish List:                                  Coming Soon

Tax Deductible

Future Plans for KCFS Program.....

Our Initial funds we need for the first two years of this program with the first TEN Cats (the pilot program) is $ 24,700.00.  We will be seeking these funds starting now from LOCAL Businesses and Individuals near us.  Once this process starts, we will be applying for GRANTS from organizations and foundations that would fund such programs.  Our GOAL after the first six cats is to place 50 to 100 cats per year with seniors.

We also will have two other programs that seniors can be placed in. One program will be those who could afford SOMETHING each month but not the entire amount.  Those fosters will receive the same benefits, except they will pay for what they can afford, thus allowing our funds to stretch further to help other seniors.

The other program will be those who CAN afford all expenses, they can just reimburse us for the monthly costs or get their own supplies.  If they have difficulty securing a veterinarian, they can still go through ours for services and we will still be support for them at all times. Monthly/Quarterly Visits will still be included for these fosters.


KCFS Program SAFETY NET for Cats.....


Our Kitty Companions for Seniors Program is designed to have our seniors care for our cat(s) as a "Permanent" Foster Home.  This is designed to not only help seniors, but to also protect our cats we place.  In the event that the senior caretaker of our cat(s) develop health issues or no longer can care for our cat(s), we have designed this program to where the cat(s) immediately come back to Catify Café & Adoptions under our care.  This helps to alleviate some stress on the cat from going to a unfamiliar shelter & people they don't know.  In most cases, the cat will know one or more of the volunteers and staff here and adjust back to an area they are at least familiar with since they ALL will come through here first.  The cats we place already have had a "Rough Start" to life to begin with and we will do everything we can to prevent that from happening again in the future.

How do Seniors Apply for the KCFS

To start, we will work with other local organizations who work with seniors already for in-home programs/services they are already being assisted with (medical/personal). These organizations will have a good working knowledge of the folks who need/want companions and they will forward their info/application to us.  Once we get through our first six cats and secure funding to place more cats, we will allow seniors in general to place an application on file with us for review, site visit and approval in the near future. Before one of our cats is placed with a potential senior foster, Catify Café & Adoptions will do a home site visit, meet the potential senior cat fosters, verify their information on the application and then approve the application if everything meets the requirements.


Help Us to Help Seniors which in turn Helps Rescues

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