To ALL Rescue Organizations....

THANK YOU for ALL You Do for Cats !!  You're Awesome!!

THANK YOU for taking the time to visit this page !!  The video below (4 1/2 Minutes)

Will explain WHO we are and HOW you can help.


What we are Proposing...

  • From 11/22/2022 Through March 31, 2023, Micro-Fundraising $21 from 300,000 people nationwide via Social Media Advertising  *  Total Amount to raise is $ 6,000,000 which will be used for:


  • Purchasing 8-10 Acres of Property Wooster, Ohio (Wayne County)

  • Build Out of our 25,000 Sq. Ft. State of the Art Café & Veterinarian Facility

  • THIS Building will be home to 126 Cats (6 Resident cats for the Café, 120 for Adoption Rooms)

  • A 16,000 Sq. Ft. Contemporary, Heated/Cooled Barn which Includes a 1000 Sq. Ft Kitchen

  • THIS Barn will be home to 350 Cats and will be dedicated to Rescues for Feral Cat Transfers

  • THIS Barn will have a 3500 Sq. Ft. Outdoor Catitat/Habitat for the Cats to enjoy

  • This Barn IS NOT currently being disclosed to the public since it is for Rescues Only to use

  • By Fully Fundraising this project, it will allow us to be DEBT FREE and instead of paying the bank $44K per month for a commercial loan for 20 years, we can divert those funds to create our Annual 5000+ FREE TNR's/Vaccinations/Flea & Other Treatments Program

To Really Get to Know Us, please Visit the Following Two Pages and Watch the FIVE Videos (Titles in RED)...

Meet The Catify Family Team