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Catify Cafe & Adoptions is Launched - October 2019 Posts

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Welcome to our blog spot. We will be updating over time all the things we are doing or have done to make this new community outreach go from a dream and desire to reality. We are so glad that you are part of it and hope you keep checking back with us to watch us grow !!

October 23rd, 2019:

Today, after a couple months of serious consideration, we locked down our websites we are going to use. (1) Catifycafe.org as well as Catifycafe.com and Catifycafe.net for the business side of our non-profit organization we are forming. We also took Catstories.org which will link off of our main site, which will show pictures and videos of both our Catify Resident Cats (17) and Cats that will be up for adoption as well, which will also include their stories. We also contracted with a very talented young lady we know from the church my wife and I are members of. Her name is Karma. She is currently designing our New Logo that will be used for our organization. We are hoping to have some initial designs by early next week.

October 25th, 2019:

Our websites went LIVE today, although just with these temporary pages you are currently seeing. We registered them with Network Solutions which is "THEE" Registrar of domains, and now we have them linked up with the website WIX.com which allows us to do this website on our own. Also met today with an EA (Enrolled Agent) who is licensed and certified by the IRS for accounting. She will be assisting us by maintaining our books and guiding us throughout the process of filing for the 501C3 Non-Profit Status.

October 26th, 2019:

Tonight we went to look at a possible location for our facility. It is located in a "Prime" area with high traffic. Approximately 5500 sq. ft. The space itself when the place is emptied is ideal as it is square and has a large separate room in the back. The pluses are: build it out the way we want it and would fit the layout I have envisioned for this well. Drawbacks: new flooring would be needed, No drive through available for cafe side of the operation, back room area needs completely redone and brought up to the specs we would need. I will contact the management company who has the property and get some questions answered before we proceed any further. We will need to see what they will do and what we would be responsible for, as well as the monthly lease costs and who is responsible for what. Will keep you updated.

October 28th, 2019:

Today was a busy and exciting day. We emailed the leasing agency requesting some more information about the space we looked at. Received today FIVE Awesome Logo Designs for our organization. The only problem is we love them all, so now we will start to weed out four and go with one. However, one of them has a coffee cup with a silhouette of one of our resident cats, and this cat in particular is special to us as she (Ellie Mae) and another (Jethro) are the first two cats we adopted from the Wayne County Humane Society on January 11th, 2011. So, we might use that for internal imaging with the menu board, coffee cups, etc. Once we pick the logo, we'll post it here and on the temp website as well as our final version.

October 29th, 2019:

Our EA/CPA we are using had to reschedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2pm to begin the process of filing for non-profit status. We did do some modifications to the new LOGO design we have and are currently waiting for the changes from our graphics designer (Karma). Also have been thinking through the layout of the website as well as the content. Will let you know what happens tomorrow. :-)

October 30th, 2019:

Another BUSY Day, full of excitement and a check list given to me of what needs to be accomplished by this weekend. I almost feel like I am back in school with homework!!

However, we are "Official" now. We have become Incorporated, so the "Official" name of our organization is: Catify Cafe & Adoptions, Inc.

We also now have our official EIN (Employers Identification Number) from the IRS.

So Now onto the next step, and that is putting all of our thoughts in our heads and from sheets of paper (from where we have jotted down thoughts, ideas, layouts of facility, projections & research from other places) and make this "Our Own", so that is what we will be doing from now through the weekend. After that, we will then work on the website and build it as we go and grow. We also today have our official email which will be (to start) office@catifycafe.org and we also got today a Post Office Box, until we get a physical location, which is P. O. Box 21 * Orrville, OH 44667.

October 31st, 2019:

Today, we starting forming all of our thoughts and visions into Mission Statements, Vision Statement, By-Laws, Board Minutes Policies, etc. Lots to do, especially since we want to be as transparent as possible since we will be publicly supported. We also went to our bank and began to set up a non-profit checking account and merchant account in order to take and receive donations directly off of our website when launched. The same merchant account will be used in the Cafe and for low cost veterinary services to which all proceeds will go to support our mission. Time now to change the title of this blog to October 2019 and start a new one for November. THANKS for taking the time to keep tabs on us !!

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