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About the Cafe !! Not much to tell you about the Physical Side of the Cafe since it is not yet open, but we will tell you our goals and ideas. This page will change once we officially open to the public.
We will have typical different styles of coffees, teas, espressos and specialty drinks available, most of which are individually made. These beverages will be made available to drink here or take them to go!!
Different days of the week, we will offer everything from unique cookies, doughnuts, pastries, cup cakes, brownies, coffee cakes, etc.  These will all be supplied by "Local Businesses" in our area and the Amish Communities nearby.  Something a little different each day of the week. With "Baked Fresh" items, you'll want to come in early, as once they are gone for the day, they're gone until the next scheduled day for them.  We'll actually have a Calendar up for each month, so you'll know when your favorite items are going to be here.
We'll have a SECURE WIFI  System for you to log in to for internet access. The password WILL change DAILY for your protection to avoid Hackers from accessing your info.
You can choose to eat & drink in our "Cat Free" zone and watch our Feline Family through windows by your table or counter.  You can also choose to eat and drink in a sectioned off part of the cafe that has SOME furry little felines in there too.  Additional large playrooms will be available with additional cats/kittens to play with, but NO food or drinks allowed in those rooms.  

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