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Live Kitty Cams

Catify Café & Adoptions will have a "State of the Art" Security System that will also double as "Live Public Access" to our four adoption rooms to watch your favorite kitties on a separate HD system.  Each adoption room & habitat will have SIX HD Streaming Cameras with Night Vision. The Public will have access to 3 of the 6 HD cams to watch the fanatics of our felines.

Our overall facility will have 54 HD Cams to watch over all of our felines to be able to monitor them for health issues as well as their safety.  The "Public Cams" will be available on this page once we are open to the public.  In the interim, we are allowing one of our HD cams that is located in our Sunroom of our home.  This area you could see up to 12 cats depending on what they are doing at the time you access the cam.  If you look straight across the stream and to the left, you will see a window where our Catify Cats can access the outside in our own "Catitat" (outdoor habitat).  
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