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About LaLa

Male/Female:  Female

Type:  Short Hair Domestic

FELV:  Negative
FIV:  Negative
Vaccinations:  Current
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Indoor/Outdoor:  Strictly INDOORS

Gets along with Dogs:  Unknown, would suggest NO dogs.

Gets along with Cats:  During our time with LaLa, she has been with 5 other cats and several others visiting at her screen door.  We have not noticed any aggression, hissing or swatting towards them. LaLa is her own unique personality.  She does not like to be held and only petted on “her” terms.  Typically, neck and head pets with your fingers can be done most times.  Yet, there are times where she will want you to pet her from her head to tail as she walks back and forth around your feet/legs when she is in the mood.  We believe that she would do best as a single or one other cat that she can pal around with. Over time, we feel you will be able to do more with her as she earns your trust and that she will become more lovable as far as hands on.

Overall Temperament:  LaLa overall is a "Sweet, Petite Cat" !!  Loves to be talked to and shown attention. LaLa loves to be played with and has her favorite toys she loves a lot.  She is definitely a “Window” kitty as she love the room we keep her in as she can look out our 3 bay window and watch nature and thunderstorms.  We feel she would make a GREAT CAT companion for someone who primarily just wants a cat to talk with, care for and play with.  Probably will NOT be a lap kitty, but you never know what will happen over time...  We feel she would be best in a calm, quiet household which will aid in her continued progress we have made with her.


Of course with any cats, ours in particular, there will need to be a transitional time for them to adjust to a brand new environment (your home/family).  Lots of patience, LOVE, Care and Understanding needs to be given to them in order for them to EARN TRUST with their new family over time. The CATS we accept from Rescues that we have Partnered with, typically have had a Very Hard/Rough/Abusive life up to the point of their capture.  WE, at Catify, work with these cats for at least 30-90 days to earn their trust and show them the love they need !!

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