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Jessie Weaver

We did TWO takes on this line, and this ONE is awesome as you drove it home with compassion.  My two cents worth...... Originally you followed this with Vet Services, perhaps now redo this the same way, ADDING we want to take this concept to the ultimate level for our community and cats that is so needed in this area.

When you get to the SLIDES (video & images) You'll need to click on the Video to Hear it !!

Things to include/consider with the campaign plea..... (feel free to word however and the order of them does not matter to me) plus what you are thinking as well.  This video will probably be 4-5 minutes.

2020 & 2021 have certainly been rough years

This Year Alone, costs on everything across the board have gone up, including our project costs have increased by about 30% across the board.  Even with this increase we feel that once open our business model will sustain us for all of our operations.

Our total costs now is about $2 million which is a astronomical amount, but actually reachable.

All we need is a total of 14,000 Single Sq. Ft. Personal or Business Sponsors at $150 per sq. ft. and we can do this. Whether you can sponsor $150 all at once or $15 a month over a year which includes credit card fee expenses, we would GREATLY appreciate your support.

We know there will be some businesses to step forward and sponsor several sq. ft. or even an entire room, and that will reduce how many individual sponsors we need.

Help US to Help Reduce the Cat Population, Assist Veterans with their cat's health care, Provide Low Cost Services to reach those who otherwise would not get their cats the care they need, Assist other rescues by taking their cats to make more room for others at their rescues, and to create an awesome adoption experience for the cats we ourselves will adopt out to their forever homes.

We can't do this WITHOUT your help, so Wayne, Medina, Holmes, Ashland, Stark & Summit counties, please consider a one time tax deductible donation to Catify Café & Adoptions to make this vision a reality in Wayne County.

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