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Catify Cafe & Adoptions eBay Auctions

One way people have been supporting us is by Donating items of Value for us to Sell on eBay.  We have a Non-Profit Account set up with eBay, so we pay ZERO FEES for selling and get 100% of the proceeds.  Below  are a couple of items we have sold that were donated for our organization.  If you have items of Value that you would like to donate please Call 330-465-2568 and leave us a message or email us with your contact information and we will get back with you typically within 24-48 hours or less.


Items Catify Café & Adoptions has sold in 2021 and received 100% of the proceeds.

2021-03-27 (4) (1).png
2021-03-27 (2).png
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