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Support Donors

We would like to THANK ALL Individuals and Families that have supported our organization and helped us with our goals financially to purchase our property and start the construction phase of our project.

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This Page will Go Live 12/01/2021

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We will be in the process of Building an ONGOING List that we will post Officially on December 1st, 2021, as we want to be able to MERGE our "Donor Records" automatically into this list with ONLY the info you now see.  The Ones Listed are Actual Donors, we have listed these as a SAMPLE for you. When Finalized, they will be in order Alphabetically by States/Countries !!

Your Family Name Here     *     City and/or State/Country     *     In Honor of (Cat ?)

Julia Ferrell                                Florida
Paul & Kris Eash                       Orrville,  OH                                 Entire Catify Cat Family
Connie Rohr                              Rittman,  OH                                 In Honor of Joey - Maine Coon
Megan Fahaivalu                       New Zealand


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