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Seniors Program


Cat/Vet Care

 For Wayne, Ashland, Holmes, Medina, Stark & Summit Counties.... Would you PLEASE consider Sponsoring and donating to our efforts?  Unlike other non-profits rescue facilities who rely on grants and donations year-round for their support, we are trying to be a self-sustaining facility once we open by having multiple revenue streams to not only sustain us even through an economic downturn, but we would love to be able to have the ability even help other rescues not only by alleviating their overcrowding of cats, but financially as well.

Your Tax Deductible Donation will allow us to give the Following Services to Wayne County and Surrounding Communities: 

* With YOUR help, as part of our Catify Family: You will help us Immensely to start the programs listed below by eliminating Mortgage on a monthly basis which for this facility would be approximately $25,000 a month.  These funds, along with profits from the Café & other revenue streams will be used for the Community Programs we want to implement.


* A Public Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program: We want to help our county and surrounding communities lower the population of Feral & Domestic cats, which in turn will help to lower the population of unwanted cats and cats who would otherwise get sick, suffer and die needlessly due to lack of human intervention.

 * A Low Cost, State of the Art Veterinarian Facility: We want to be able to care for cats and their healthcare & preventative needs, targeting those who feel they can't afford to help their cat(s) versus allowing them to continue to suffer from their illness. For the health and needless suffering of those cats, we want to be an option for those people so we can help those cats get back to good health.

 * A Trap, Neuter and Release Program:  One or two days a week we would like to implement this program where places like Farms, Industrial areas, Abandoned areas have higher concentrations of Feral Cats, we will offer a LOW COST program thanks in part from the profits of the Café, eBay sales, room & rooftop rentals, etc.  This will greatly help in reducing the Cat Population in those areas.

 * A Veterans Program:  As a THANK YOU to those who have served in our Military Branches and may be experiencing financial difficulties but have Cat(s) of their own and cats are considered great therapy animals for veterans, we will offer Low to No Cost services for ALL Services on a case by case basis.  We understand cats and for most people, including veterans and US at Catify Café & Adoptions, they are just like FAMILY.  This is why we will offer this program, again thanks in part from the profits of the Café, eBay sales, room & rooftop rentals, etc.

 * Future Programs for our Short/Long Term Goals: The purpose for the 6 to 10 acres of property is our building has been designed to be added on to with additional buildings.  Our first addition (we hope within two years of opening) is to add on a separate (but attached to the existing facility) 5500 sq. ft. Facility to be able to provide the same Veterinarian Care & Services for Dogs as we will for cats.  If we are able to secure at least 8 acres of property, then we will also add on high-quality Dog Boarding services.

THANK YOU for your Time & Consideration,

Phenomenally Yours;

Catify Café & Adoptions Inc.

330-465-2568 - Leave Message for Call Back - eMail

Please Mail Checks or Money Orders to:

Catify Cafe & Adoptions
P. O. Box 21
Orrville,  OH  44667-0021

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