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Luxury Cat Boarding Services

Another way Catify Café & Adoptions will support our TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release) and Veteran Programs is though the proceeds we collect from our Luxury Cat Boarding Services. We will have FIVE Boarding Rooms, all equipped with the Following:

 * 42" LED Wall Mounted TV's Playing the Hallmark Channel from 8am to 9pm

 * Private High Definition Streaming Video Cam for you to check on YOUR Kitties 24/7

 * 25 Sq. Ft. Outdoor Mini Habitat attached to rooms for Fresh Air & Kitty Enjoyment

 * Each room will be equipped with OURS or YOURS Cat Furniture, Litter Boxes, Food Bowls & Beds

 * Our Staff & Volunteers will check in on your feline(s) often, loving on & playing with them

 * Each room will be climate controlled for your requirements

 * If your cat(s) require medication our licensed veterinarians & support staff will be able to provide that

 * All Rooms are located AWAY from the main public area for their safety

 * We will board UP TO SIX of your cats in one room

2021 08 07 Catify - 3D View - SE - Ground View.jpg

Cat Boarding Rooms with Mini Outdoor Habitats

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