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The Catify Cafe

When the Catify Café opens, you will find it will be hard to have a "Favorite" at our café when it comes to the Pastries that you will not be able to find anywhere in Ohio. Our Hot & Cold Café Style Meals will be Top Notch and custom made to order.  Our Bakery items offered will be from Local, Very Talented Entrepreneurs that we have met over the years at various outdoor community events and have sampled their goods and they are Absolutely Delicious !!  We will have a vast array of Unique Coffees, Teas and Cold Drinks to choose from as well.  You can dine inside in two areas (one with and one without cats) or, go up on the Garden Arboretum Rooftop and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.


Catify Cafe Pastries

Get ready for a different selection of pastries every day of the week. You may purchase a single serving or an entire pastry to feed the whole family. You'll be sure to develop a Sweet Tooth at Catify Cafe !!

Image by Louis Hansel

Catify Cafe Baked Goods

Supporting our Local Community is very important to us, so we are building relationships with some of the finest local bakers who make really Delectable Baked Goods that we will be featuring at the Catify Cafe.

Making Coffee

Catify Cafe Coffee

While our facility is being built, We at Catify Cafe will conduct an intense "people's survey" to find out what people really love when it comes to their cup of java, then we will hunt for the best brands to serve at the cafe.

Image by Chris A. Tweten

Catify Hot & Cold Foods

A wonderful assortment of various healthy, tasty  hot/cold sandwiches, panini sandwiches and rollups will be served with hand crafted sides to accompany them.  We are in the planning stages of this still, and may serve Breakfast & Lunch or Lunch & Dinner. WIll keep you updated on this.

Citrus Cold Drinks

Catify Cafe Cold Drinks

Want a Vanilla Frappuccino, Exotic Fruit Drinks or a wide variety blends of Herbal & Unique Teas? Perhaps you want a blend of our flavors for your drink, either way, Catify Cafe will have a large selection for you to choose from.  

Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers

Catify Arboretum Rooftop

The first of its kind in Ohio and maybe even in the U.S.  A Cat Cafe with a 9000+ sq. ft. Garden Arboretum Rooftop for you to enjoy your beverages & goodies outside in the Fresh Air.  This will be available for Rental for large group gatherings.

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