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The Cafe

The Mission and Purpose of Our Cafe

The Catify Café will be a significant source of our income to support Catify Café & Adoptions and the various Low to No Cost Programs we will be offering the community, as funds permit.  If our Building/Property is completely paid for through donations, we will be able to perform 5000 Spay/Neuter/Vaccination's Annually to the RESCUE Organizations we have Partnered with FREE of Charge. Catify Café will be a place where we meet, get to know and build relationships with our customers which will in essence become part of our Catify Family.

Like our "Mission Statement" says, Catify Café & Adoptions wants to become a "Shelter of, Circle of...Friends!!"  Let's face it, since the beginning of 2020, this world has changed.  Some of these changes have not been great.  A lot of people today are dealing with more stresses in their lives.  We want to help with that by being a place people love to go to, love to hang out and just unwind, make new friends and most importantly, destress with our cats. 

CATS are GREAT Therapy animals. Cats are also highly intelligent animals and can sense danger, stress, happiness, sadness, depression & more.  Once you have developed a Bond with a cat or cats, they can be a great source of comfort.  Even though cats may not be able to "FIX" the stresses of your life, you just feel like the situation is not as bad as you pet & love on cats.  Kris & I have 17 of them and when we start playing with them, loving on them, holding them while they purr, especially after a stressful day, our stress load just seems lighter and we are more relaxed.

So bottom line, We, the people at Catify Café & Adoptions AND our Awesome Cats want to create for you that "Shelter of, Circle of...Friends" for you.

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