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About Barry & Michelle

Male/Female:  Barry is a Male / Michelle is a Female

Type:  Barry is a Short Hair Domestic / Michelle is a Long Hair Domestic

FELV:  Both are Negative
FIV:  Both are Negative
Vaccinations:  Both are Current
Spayed/Neutered:  Both = Yes
Indoor/Outdoor:  Strictly INDOORS

Gets along with Dogs:  Unknown, would suggest NO dogs.

Gets along with Cats:  During our time with Barry & Michelle, they have been with 4 other cats and several others visiting at their screen door.  We have not noticed any aggression, hissing or swatting towards them. They seem to be easy to get along with and they BOTH seem to want to stay away from any trouble that would occur with other cats.

Overall Temperament:  Barry & Michelle are a BONDED pair.  They are actually Brother & Sister and have been together since kittens when they were rescued.  Both will need CONTINUED work, but they have BOTH come such a long way since we took them on May 18th & May 25th.  Barry was extremely skittish and Michelle was not only skittish, but very withdrawn.  We have worked with them both DAILY and we feel have come a long ways with them.  Barry still has periods where he wants to be left alone, but NEVER has bit, swung or even hissed at us.  There are other times where we are just loving on him, giving him kisses and giving him BELLY RUBS.  As time goes on, we feel he will be a very affectionate cat.  Not sure about a lap kitty, but will want lots of loving. Michelle, in the beginning, was very standoffish to us, hissing and spitting and not wanting any attention.  She never bit us and only swung at us once with her claws when we had to place eye drops in her eyes.  Today, she no longer runs and hides when we come in.  We can approach her, and if we talk to her first, we can start petting her and I even give her several kisses on her head.  The more human interaction we give her, the more she is coming around.  They love to hang out with our other cats and love to stay close together.  The two will only be adopted out Together as they need to stay together.

Barry & Michelle both love to play with the laser light chasing it, and cat toys.  The BOTH get in a very loving mood and come up to us when we bring their food.  They will allow us to pet them all over and rub up against us, and this alone is a huge change for Michelle from when we got her.  We feel these two will make someone a pair of great companions and over time and earned trust, who knows what they will do.  Both are soft cats to the touch, and with Michelle’s long hair, she is even softer.

Of course with any cats, ours in particular, there will need to be a transitional time for them to adjust to a brand new environment (your home/family).  Lots of patience, LOVE, Care and Understanding needs to be given to them in order for them to EARN TRUST with their new family over time. The CATS we accept from Rescues that we have Partnered with, typically have had a Very Hard/Rough/Abusive life up to the point of their capture.  WE, at Catify, work with these cats for at least 30-90 days to earn their trust and show them the love they need !!

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