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About Our Cats & How We Get Them

Please Understand, Catify Café & Adoptions IS NOT a Rescue Facility !!  You WILL NOT be able to surrender or give up cats directly to us. Even though our facility will have the ability to handle up to 120 cats at any given time, these cats will be coming from Actual Rescue Facilities locally that we have PARTNERED with and within 90 minutes from our facility.  Our primary mission is to help Alleviate Cat Overcrowding at the various rescue facilities, to help avoid cats needlessly being put down due to no space for them.  This not only helps those facilities with space for other cats but will also help them financially, as we at Catify Café & Adoptions will take over their individual & healthcare needs for the cats we accept from them.  For a List of Rescue Facilities who might be able to help you with rescues you are concerned about, LOOK under VET SERVICES and then RESCUES for someone close to you.

Ginger Tomcat, male cat, Locked up like a prisoner behind a chain link fence with his paws
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