About Us

Catify Café & Adoptions is a non-profit, no-kill organization that is dedicated to helping and assisting Felines/Cats.  The founders started with two cats in January 2011 that they adopted from the Wayne County Humane Society.  Up through today, they own 17 cats and their love for cats has continued to grow into the establishment of this organization.

We are a group of people who are very passionate about animals in general, but specifically towards cats.  We all come from professional backgrounds and now want to give back not only to the community but also to help all the cats that will come through our doors when we open this facility.

We consider cats to be like our "Family Members" and treat them as such.  This treatment will continue with our organization with both the cats we are able to adopt out, as well as to the cats who come to us for low cost, quality veterinarian care.

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About Our Cats

The cats you will find in our facility (when we are up and running) there will be kittens, cats and cats with special needs from facilities that have been rescued already.  Please understand, we DO NOT RESCUE cats directly, nor do we have the ability to be a "Drop Off" for cats. We would encourage you to CLICK ON Sneakers Icon at the top of this page and contact the rescue agencies that we have listed to see if they have the ability to take them in at the time you call.

Our mission is to alleviate overcrowding from other rescue facilities and take over the responsibility of care for those felines until we are able to adopt them out.  The felines we will have will remain with us until we are able to find their "Forever Home" regardless of how long that process takes.


Our Cat Adoption Rooms

At our facility (when we are up and running) will be FOUR, 500 to 650 square foot rooms that will be set up as a home environment in each room.  You will find chairs, recliners, couches as well as both floor and wall mounted cat trees, cat beds, toys and much more.

Each room will have between 12-18 cats in each room. You will have the opportunity to "get to know" the cats and over time, find your "purrfect" match to adopt.  For those who can't adopt but want to just hang out with our cats from time to time, this will be a great way to do that as well.

Having a full time veterinarian staff onboard, this will be an added benefit for your future felines health care and emergencies if you don't already have your own veterinarian facility you use.