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Male/Female:  Sophie (F) - Mouse (F) & Woolley (M)

Type:  Mouse & Woolley are Medium Hair Domestic / Sophie is a Long Hair Domestic

FELV:  All are Negative
FIV:  All are Negative
Vaccinations:  Yes
Spayed/Neutered:  All = Yes
Indoor/Outdoor:  Strictly INDOORS

Gets along with Dogs:  No Dogs and No Other Cats

Gets along with Cats:  We received these three cats Mid August from a family situation where their human owner passed away.  Sophie is the MOTHER cat of Mouse and Woolley.  Sophie is approximately 13 years old and the siblings are 12 1/2 years old as of August 2022.  They get along with each other fine, but will ONLY tolerate our other cats with a screen door partition. These three cats are very well bonded and we will need to find a senior couple to be able to take all three as a family unit and keep them together. 

Overall Temperament:  We have ONLY worked with them for about a month now.  All three had dental issues which have been addressed.  Sophie was all matted and was given a lioness cut at the groomers to get all those mats off on 8/23/2022. All three had dental surgery on September 1st, 2022. Sophie is the most loving and loves attention and belly rubs.  Mouse and Woolley we are still working with, currently they want to be loved on "Their Terms" but we can tell they want more and just need to learn to TRUST again.  Their world was TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, but not only their owner passing away, but enduring weeks of minimal human interaction with really strangers and went from having someone with them all day to maybe 30-60 minutes a day until we took them.  Overall, once settled in a new, permanent foster, they will thrive we feel.  Until then, we will continue to work with them daily showing them the love and care they deserve. 

Sophie loves to play with cat toys and loves cat nip.  The other two are just now starting to come around and are starting to show interest in playing.  All three LOVE to look our our large window they have to watch the neighbors and nature.  None of them shows any aggression what-so-ever. Woolley will only begin to slightly growl when you over-pet him, but has never done anything else other than a light growl.  We feel all three will be great companions for both themselves and the people who will care for them. 

Of course with any cats, ours in particular, there will need to be a transitional time for them to adjust to a brand new environment (your home/family).  Lots of patience, LOVE, Care and Understanding needs to be given to them in order for them to EARN TRUST with their new family over time. The CATS we accept from Rescues that we have Partnered with, typically have had a Very Hard/Rough/Abusive life up to the point of their capture.  WE, at Catify, work with these cats for at least 30-90 days to earn their trust and show them the love they need !!

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