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Thinking about Adopting??

At Catify Cafe & Adoptions, Inc., we believe in the importance of Educating Potential Adopters about the three 3's of cat adoptions:  Compassion, COMMITMENT, and Care. Adopting a cat means that you are making a Lifetime Commitment to Provide Love, Care, and Attention to your feline friend for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. They are not Disposable, Toss Away or Just a Short Lived Fad and it's crucial to understand the responsibility that comes with adoption. Cats are just like us, they feel love, affection, hunger, pain, stress, rejection, fear, etc. The MYTH/Misunderstanding that they are a cat and they can "FEND" for themselves in most cases IS NOT TRUE!!  You have NO IDEA what cats who are ABANDONED by people go through, if they survive !!  Rescues DO !!  We want to encourage a loving, thoughtful approach to cat adoption, which ensures that our Feline Friends will have a Happy and Healthy Home for Life and make a Great Forever Companion!!

This Information is based on our Personal Experience at Catify !!
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