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Welcome to Catify Café & Adoptions.

Check back weekly for updated information as we continue to move forward with our plans.

Last Updated: 7/28/2021

New Video Update Coming 08/09/2021

Catify Café & Adoptions like others, was an idea after seeing various ones online AND have the experience of owning 17 cats, all indoors, that I have coffee with virtually every day.  After major research and considerations with our own cat situation, we thought, “How can we make this even better?”  Thus, Catify Café & Adoptions was created and Launched in November of 2019 officially. When we open, the Café will be about 2500 sq. ft. and able to drink and snack with the kitties !!  Our goal is to have a unique café that people want to continually visit to get Great Coffee & Drinks along with Pastries’ freshly made that are hard to find in any other coffee shop!!

Catify Café & Adoptions will also provide a New “State of the Art” Veterinarian Vet Facility, all under one roof. That is our goal!!  With the founders being in the medical field, we know the importance of proper diagnosis with patients, and in this case, cats!  The more tools our veterinarians will have, the better diagnosis and outcome for the cats & kittens can be potentially reached.  Not all veterinarian facilities have Blood Labs,  X-ray units, Cold Laser Therapy Units, Chiropractic Adjusting, Surgical Suites & more onsite.  This is all part of our build-out.  Our goal is NOT to be competition to surrounding veterinarians, as we know the ones here in Orrville and Marshallville, Ohio, and they are Great Veterinarians.  Our Goal and mission is to truly help reduce the population explosion of cats by offering LOW COST spay & neuter services, assist with TNR Programs near us (Trap, Neuter and Release) as well as the domesticated side of cats for homes and businesses.  I personally have heard TOO MANY TIMES, “I can’t afford vet fees for my cat”, so that leaves them suffering ongoing with their issues, that is SAD.  WE KNOW, we can’t get them all or fix them all !!  But we do know that we could help to make a big difference in those numbers in Wayne and surrounding counties who are suffering or constantly having baby kittens adding to the overpopulation crisis we have today!!  Because we will have multiple revenue streams, lower overhead and being a not-for-profit organization, we can focus more on the cats with the finances we do raise.  That is our purpose and mission !!


Catify Café & Adoptions has a lot of experience working with all types of domestic cats.  From tame cats to aggressive feral cats, Paul has a unique way to reach them with patience and time to win over their TRUST and show them they have safety and love with us and can have safety and love with others as well.  Several of our current Catify Family members were feral to start and some had major fears just being around humans.  Now, our Catify Family is able to be handled and loved on and they absolutely love it!!  With our Adoption side of this organization, we will have FOUR adoptions rooms that each will be 650 sq. ft. and will have between 12-18 cats/kittens per room.  Our cats we will have available for adoption will come from “Rescue Facilities” to help alleviate overcrowding at their facilities. These rooms are designed for people to be able to “Get to KNOW” our cats and find the right one(s) that is for you over time.  Because we will have our own vets on staff, these cats WILL NOT have to go back to their original rescue facilities as we at Catify Café & Adoptions will keep them until the cats can find their “Forever” home!! The rooms our cats for adoption will be in will be set up just like a home style large living room or great room with furniture, cat tress and obstacle courses for the cats. There will be NO LITTER BOXES in these adoption rooms as our cats will have a private room they can easily access from their living quarters.


Catify Café & Adoptions will also have six rooms available for cat boarding in the event you need a facility to watch over your feline family while you are away on a vacation or work related trip.  These rooms will be approximately 160 sq. ft. and set up like a room in your house, with furniture, flat screen television playing Hallmark movies from 7am until 10pm, plenty of room for you to bring your cats favorite toys, beds, cat furniture & more.  In each room, we will allow from 1-6 cats (ONLY YOUR CATS) and will be very reasonably priced.  You will also be able to log into your own private HD Kitty Cam 24/7 to check in on your fur babies any time you wish.  We will provide plenty of care, playtime, cat litter, treats and more.  These will be private rooms and not open or available to the public.

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